Increase revenue from our fast-growing Member relationships

We admire competitive environments and continually seek out new Vendors who can deliver the best value for our Members. Our Member’s look for value in more than just a form of price. They want to align themselves with Partners who can also bring other value types such as Performance, Risk Mitigation and Strategic Solutions into a relationship.

Learn more on how our Member partnerships can work for you.

To apply, please complete and submit our Vendor Application. The form is available via link below or contact us at 855-919-1142, if you require additional assistance or have any questions.

Vendor Application

Our Process

American Healthcare Purchasing utilizes National contracts from major manufacturers and distributers for most items. Certain categories such as Pharmacy, Therapy and Chemical Supplies are contracted on a Regional level basis.

American Healthcare Purchasing welcomes all potential Vendors who provide goods and services to Senior Care Facilities to apply. Upon application, a team member will contact you to review services, products and offered pricing. After gathering all of the information, our Vendor committee then determines if there is a match based on future or existing Member needs. You will be notified of your status within 30-days. In some circumstances, you maybe asked for additional details or to develop a specific proposal. During any selection process, our Members take in additional factors such as minority vendor status for good consideration.

Please note your application submittal does not mean you will be automatically be accepted, guaranteed any job, contract or order. Ultimately, all decisions to utilize any Vendors are Member controlled.

Vendors pay American Healthcare Purchasing an administrative fee of 3% or less of the purchases made by our Members in consideration for Administrative and Sales Development services. Fees are paid monthly or quarterly and no later than 30 days after each period. A report detailing all purchases made for each period by individual members (units, dollars and, if applicable, by product code) must be submitted with each payment.

Vendor Advantages

Our Members tend to be in growth cycle phases with their businesses and seek long-term partnerships from organizations who can bring value-added contracting relationships. And one thing is for sure, no matter the economic conditions, operation sizes or business models, our Member’s needs change. American Healthcare Partners promotes a proactive, collaborative environment between our Members and Vendors. We aid in helping understand opportunities for improvement, pathways to implement solutions and means to convey and capture value with every relationship.
As a partnering Vendor, you can benefit by:

  • Access to a growth oriented Member base that gives opportunity to increase market share and volume.
  • Our knowledge of industry challenges, Member needs and vital selection considerations.
  • Direct access to key decision makers.
  • Working with an advocate that is committed to creating value in aid of improved healthcare and business communities.

Diversity Commitment

AHP promotes and provides opportunities to minority, woman and veteran owed Vendor businesses where it supports the needs of AHP’s Membership. We believe that minority, woman and veteran owned businesses are vital to Local Community and State Economic Development. Our program and others like it can give a level playing field where much good can come when an opportunity is taken.

Please declare your identified status, if any, during our Vendor registration process.