CareOne Pharmacy Services

Care One Pharmacy Services

CareOne Pharmacy Services is an institutional pharmacy focusing on Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers and Assisted Living Communities. We deliver unit dosed medications, patient specific to meet the facility’s needs. CareOne Pharmacy also provides customized medical records. For the facilities that utilize electronic medical records, CareOne Pharmacy has a bi-directional interface with the preferred software providers.

We provide quality services, excellent communication, responsive customer care and a goal of 100% accuracy. CareOne Pharmacy Services is committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients; facilities operators, nurses, family members, and ultimately the resident receiving the medications we provide.

Doctors discussing from Care One Pharmacy Services

We achieve our goals by focusing on the following principles

  • Foster a working environment that promotes excellence from our staff
  • Utilize the latest technology to deliver medications as quickly and accurately as possible
  • Consistently improve our processes. Continue to ask, “How can we do better?”

Why Choose CareOne Pharmacy Services?

  • Independently owned. We work for our customers.
  • Proven successful management team with over 70 years in LTC Pharmacy industry.
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Customer Service Driven
  • Robotic Automation
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Delivery tracking applications
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • We are open 24/7/365