Taking Long-Term Care Facilities to a Higher Level of Trust

A complete well-being program not only provides an unprecedented level of care, it also reinforces yourhigh standards of safety and quality. Using universally recognized PURELL® products to provide effectiveprotection from germs, along with gentle, effective PROVON® products for bathing and resident care canprovide peace of mind throughout your facilityClick the images below for full view. [...]

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CareOne Pharmacy Services

CareOne Pharmacy Services CareOne Pharmacy Services is an institutional pharmacy focusing on Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers and Assisted Living Communities. We deliver unit dosed medications, patient specific to meet the facility's needs. CareOne Pharmacy also provides customized medical records. For the facilities that utilize electronic medical records, CareOne Pharmacy has a bi-directional interface with [...]

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Sizewise offers a diverse product line for all patient comfort and mobility needs. This includes the Long-Term Care population, who often have issues other patients don’t—such as pressure injuries, high fall risk, and overly moist skin. We’re dedicated to providing the best and most cost-effective bed and support surface options for each individual, and we’ll [...]

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Improving Elderly Wound Healing

Improving Elderly Wound Healing It is estimated that elderly wound healing results in U.S. annual heath care costs of over $15 billion. Since the proportion of elderly individuals in the general population is increasing dramatically, with the number of adults 65 years or older projected to almost double (from 35 million to 53 million) by [...]

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Dear AHP members, we understand that many of you are facing challenges cleaning up and repairing your facilities and businesses after Irma. SupplyWorks would like to remind you that we are here for you as you get your business operations back on track. As a Home Depot Company, we can provide you the product needed [...]

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The Skin We Are In

Contributed by Nestlé Health Science Makers of ARGINAID®, ARGINAID EXTRA®, BENEPROTEIN®, BOOST®, IMPACT ADVANCED RECOVERY® Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is tough and resilient; it renews and repairs itself from the inside while losing 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells from the outside every minute. Despite its significant strength, skin [...]

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Featured Technology from First Quality Healthcare Group

Prevail® Next Generation Brief™ with Microclimate Care™ Prevail® Next Generation Brief™ (NGB™) with Microclimate Care™ is an inspiring adult incontinence product that understands the significance of creating a favorable and comfortable microclimate. Using a combination of advanced performance features and innovations in technology, Prevail® NGB™ effectively reduces moisture and humidity from the skin surface while also [...]

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Employee Benefits

There has never been a greater need for a well-structured benefits plan that's designed to attract and retain employees. It's also more and important than ever that your enterprise and your employees understand the impact of healthcare reform. All of this must be addressed in the context of challenges that they may face, such as; financial [...]

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