There has never been a greater need for a well-structured benefits plan that’s designed to attract and retain employees. It’s also more and important than ever that your enterprise and your employees understand the impact of healthcare reform. All of this must be addressed in the context of challenges that they may face, such as; financial pressure, changes in your operations, your enterprise’s need for talent, the cost of training, and the impact of change on the morale and productivity of your employees.

American Healthcare Purchasing and Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners bring financial security and wellness together in an integrated approach that’s built to inform and sustain. We believe that it is not just an obligation but our responsibility to create a secure environment for our employees.

We have expertise in a variety of areas, including:


To project future healthcare costs and allow us to effectively negotiate premiums on your behalf.


To distill this information down to practices relevant to your particular organization.


To project future costs under various enrollment and employee contribution scenarios.


To compare your enterprise with your peers, we compare your plan to others in your industry, geography and market segment.


To reveal cost drivers and assess plan efficacy, we develop key performance indicators and ROI metrics.


To advocate on behalf of your employees and to assist with inquiries such as claims issues and billing questions. This allows you and your team to focus on your core business.


To effectively manage the demand on your health plan, we implement wellness programs tailored to increase your employees productivity and engagement while containing the long-term cost of your medical plan.


To keep you up to date on rapidly changing laws and the latest regulations that affect your employee benefits program and ensure your current program is compliant with ERISA and DOL requirements.


To reduce employee confusion and anxiety, we help your employees understand their benefits and appreciate the financial protection you make available to them as part of their overall compensation package.


To use best-in-class technologies to improve efficiency to your organization and to increase employees’ understanding.


To use an electronic enrollment platform with a defined premium contribution from you that allows employees a wide variety of medical and non-medical choices to best fit their personal needs.

Looking Into the Future

We specialize in the design, placement and ongoing service of integrated employee benefits plans and wellness programs. We employ a thorough and unique analytics-based approach, in which we combine leading employee benefits acumen and tactics, best-in-class technology and discretion.

To control your costs long-term, we also focus on your employees’ wellness and positive behaviors leading to sustainable good health. In addition, with the countless compliance issues facing employers, we provide the tools and resources needed to remain compliant and efficient, while still allowing you and your team to focus on your day-to-day business concerns. When employees are made to feel safe and valued, physically and financially, a culture emerges that promotes strength, capacity and commitment: A Culture of Vitality™.

Understanding Employee Benefits

Our approach coordinates the design and implementation of competitive benefit plans, communicates the plan features and costs to employees using a variety of media, reviews administrative practices for compliance and provides actuarial analysis for full transparency. Our work results in a long-term, sustainable benefits program that is cost efficient, compliant with your organization and future goals, and competitive.

American Healthcare Purchasing and Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners are using this approach to encourage employees and build an environment where they can thrive.