Prevail® Next Generation Brief™ with Microclimate Care™

Prevail® Next Generation Brief™ (NGB™) with Microclimate Care™ is an inspiring adult incontinence product that understands the significance of creating a favorable and comfortable microclimate. Using a combination of advanced performance features and innovations in technology, Prevail® NGB™ effectively reduces moisture and humidity from the skin surface while also helping maintaining skin temperature.

Other adult incontinence products may lay their claim in a completely dry and breathable product, but only Prevail® NGB™ with Microclimate Care™ uses advanced materials and innovation to achieve the enhanced dryness and overall comfort that result in better clinical outcomes.

Innovations in technology and a renewed focus on appropriate materials are just the tip of the iceberg. Microclimate Care™ is the next step for NGB™ products. There are several features that are making Prevail® Next Generation Brief™ the best choice; 360° Breathable Zones™, Doublesorb™ Layers, and QUICK WICK® with MaxSoft™.

360° Breathable Zones™

With enhanced breathable material, 360° Breathable Zones™ maintains skin temperature with enhanced air circulation, reducing perspiration and moisture.

Doublesorb™ Layers

Doublesorb™ creates a sealed layers, locking moisture up and away from your skin.

QUICK WICK® with MaxSoft™

Experience enhanced comfort with Quick Wick®. Quick Wick® delivers incredible softness with incredible acquisition speed that pulls moisture away from skin faster than other briefs.